Spilled candle wax? Here's how to remove it in a snap

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

There is nothing more delightful than sitting on the couch with a scented candle lit. Candles smell good, give a cozy atmosphere with their warm light and also look nice in the interior.

Unfortunately, accidents can sometimes happen with candles, causing candle wax to end up where you don’t want it to. Fortunately, with the following tips, you can remove candle wax from any material in no time, without leaving stains.

Remove from rugs:

Unfortunately, a candle wax stain on a carpet or rug is easily made. Everyone knows it’s not smart to move a burning scented candle, but sometimes we do it anyway against our better judgment. So it’s good to know that you don’t have to replace a carpet or rug or cut out a part of it afterwards.

Although it is a bit of a chore, candle wax can simply be removed from it without leaving unsightly residue or stains. All you need for this method is some thick paper (think baking paper or a paper bag, for example) and an iron.

  • First, wait for the wax to harden completely. Then carefully remove all the larger pieces of wax that you can break off in no time. Be careful not to break or pull the rug or carpet in the process.
  • Next, place the paper on the candle wax stain and slowly go over it with the iron on the lowest setting. The wax will melt and soak into the paper, thus releasing it from the fabric.
  • Once you have done this a few times and no more candle wax comes off, you can clean the whole thing again with carpet cleaner or the cleaner you normally use for this purpose.
Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior
Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

Remove candle wax on your wood:

When combined with a wooden interior, scented candles can create a wonderfully romantic atmosphere in a room. Unfortunately, this combination can also sometimes create less pleasant situations, such as spilled wax on a wooden surface. Unfortunately, this can have bad consequences for your wooden furniture, so it is essential to take action right away. Fortunately, when you get to it quickly, it’s fairly easy to make sure the grease doesn’t leave any stains.

  • First, grab a hair dryer and blow in the direction of the wax, melting it. Don’t get too close with the hair dryer, as this can cause the wax to get into it.
  • Once the wax is melted, wipe it away without spreading it further over the surface.
  • Unfortunately, that is not yet the final step, as the residue still needs to be removed. You do this by mixing half a cup of vinegar with a whole cup of water. Dip a sponge or cloth into this mixture and use it to polish away the remaining grease.

Remove candle wax from your clothes:

Sometimes it can happen that you accidentally hang in a scented candle with your clothes, or splatter on your clothes while blowing out the candle. It would be a shame if you had to immediately throw away your garment because of this, but fortunately that is not the case. This way you can easily get the grease out of your clothes without leaving any stains.

  • It may sound crazy, but it really is the best method: first, place the garment in question in the freezer for at least half an hour. This will cause the wax to harden completely.
  • When this is done, take the garment out of the freezer and the first thing you do is break off all the bits of candle wax that you can snap off like this.
  • Next, use a piece of kitchen paper or baking paper and an iron, to slowly iron or the fabric on the lowest setting. Repeat with new paper until no more wax comes off.
  • To make sure no stains remain, it’s best to wash the clothes again with a good stain remover as well.

Candle wax in your hair, here's how to dispel it:

Although it may not seem logical at first, candle wax in the hair is quite common. In fact, for people with long hair, this happens faster than you think. You lean over a scented candle to grab something and suddenly notice that your hair is covered in grease. But don’t panic: It is very easy to remove it afterwards. The method just depends on where in the hair the grease ended up.

At the bottom of the hair

  • If the grease is only in the ends of the hair, you can simply hold the strand of hair in a bowl of boiling water. Of course, this is not particularly good for the hair, but for once it won’t hurt. Of course, be careful that the boiling water does not come into contact with the (head) skin.
  • The hot water will melt the wax and then you can simply wash your hair as you normally would, after which the wax will be gone from your hair.

Close to the scalp

  • Removing wax that is closer to the scalp is just a bit more work. First, it is important to massage the hair and scalp with a heavier oil, such as olive oil or argan oil.
  • Next, wash your hair in the shower as hot as possible so that the grease melts and can be rinsed out of your hair. Make sure, of course, that the water is not too hot.
  • When you feel that the wax is out, wash the hair again as usual.
Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

Have candle wax on your walls, here's how to remove it:

As with glass, candle wax can easily end up on the wall while being blown out. Fortunately, this does not require you to repaint the wall again, as wax can easily be removed from a wall without affecting the paint.

  • First, scrape most of the wax away from the surface again, using an old card, plastic cutlery or a blunt knife, for example. Be careful here, of course, not to remove the paint as well.
  • Then use some kitchen paper or baking paper and an iron to gently melt off the grease on a low setting. Do this with a new piece of paper each time until no more grease comes off.
  • Then you can use your usual cleaner to brush off the last residue.
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