The difference between cotton and other candle wicks

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

Let’s start by mentioning that all the scented candles you buy from From Victoria with Love feature 100% cotton wicks. “So are there other types of wicks,” we hear you ask. Yes indeed, a candle concept may also decide to use fiberglass or wood. The reasons why we have chosen a cotton wick are:

  • Our ambient candles consist of 95% natural products
  • We do not use any chemicals in the production process
  • Cotton gives the most beautiful light color

What types of wick material do we know?

Fiberglass wicks are particularly heat-resistant, much more so than cotton and also last a long time. So in itself a very durable wick. However, the disadvantage with fiberglass wicks is that they do not burn evenly along with the wax of the candle.

Fiberglass wicks, on the other hand, are ideal in oil lamps and garden torches. There, the wick is intended not to burn up immediately with the fuel.

Cotton wicks char faster than fiberglass wicks. Once the wax quality of the candle does not match the thickness of the wick, this will result in a flickering and smoking flame.

Because we use only the best quality candle wax and wicks, this does not occur with our scented candles.

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

Why no fiberglass wick in our scented candles?

Fiberglass wicks we actually see very little in candles. They are more commonly used in torches, tumble torches and oil lamps. For mood lighting, a round wick is usually chosen. When a flame needs to provide higher heat or light output, such as in stoves and storm lanterns, a flat wick is more often chosen. Fiberglass wicks have a long burn time, virtually no smell and do not emit a specific odor.

Despite all these advantages, we chose not to use fiberglass in the manufacture of our From Victoria with Love scented candles. This is because a good scented candle has the property of calming the emotion center in our brain. With our philosophy, we assume that you can only achieve this with 100% natural means.

By the way, did you know that fiberglass wicks are not made entirely of fiberglass? The outside of these wicks is still made of cotton.

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

Why we choose 100% cotton wicks

We mentioned it earlier: the From Victoria with Love scented candles are composed entirely of natural ingredients. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your health. Even in our frangances, no chemicals are used.

This means that the chance of an allergic reaction caused by the scent is minimized. Our candles are handcrafted by hand with love. This makes each From Victoria with Love ambient candle a unique item that you won’t find anywhere else.

The cotton wicks we use are of the very best quality and matched to the wax used. As a result, our candles burn up beautifully and evenly. This high efficiency has the advantage that you can enjoy our scented candle much longer than the average candle.

Compared to a fiberglass wick, cotton also gives a deeper colored flame. Because of this, the light emitted by our scented candle is also more intimate than you would have with a fiberglass flame.

The burn color of a cotton wick is not only more atmospheric, the flame itself burns more quietly. A fiberglass flame moves more while burning, at the expense of the relaxing effect.

With our scented candles, you not only create an oasis of calm with the subtle scents, the visual concept also contributes in its own way to your sense of well-being.

Concept candles for every taste and mood

Fragrances have a major impact on our sense of comfort. We think that a moment of rest is only complete with a stylish aroma candle. However, it is important to choose the right scent.

Scents have the ability to evoke emotions and memories. For the ultimate feel-good experience, it is therefore important that you choose a candle with a scent that makes you feel good.

A very well-known fragance, for example, is Patchouli. It is a heavy fragrance with a somewhat dark character. It gives a sensual atmosphere to the room that some people even find aphrodisiac. What many people also find a fine fragrance is Tonka bean.

The scent of Tonka bean is known for its positive influence on our moods and healing powers for the soul. Teak is also a popular scent. Its light woody aroma makes it easy to relax. Just a few minutes after the soothing teak scent spreads through your room, you can feel the stress begin to slip away from you.

When you buy a scented candle, however, it’s not just about the scent. The color and design of the candle also play an important role. From Victoria with Love candles are made with attention to detail and completely by hand. For each candle, you have the choice of several sizes.

So you can start with a small one and if you like the scent, you can move on to a larger one. Good to know is that you can always order refills that fit in the same candle holder.  That way you don’t have to buy a completely new scented candle each time. Feel free to call or email us if you want to know more about our products.

What is the best way to extinguish a scented candle?

Have you ever considered that the way you extinguish a candle matters for its longevity? The vast majority of us blow out a candle. There are some who use a little saliva, between thumb and forefinger, to squeeze out the flame. People who prefer not to get their hands dirty use a candle cover. Finally, there are the “benders,” who quickly push the burning wick into the candle wax with a stick or tweezers and put it back upright.

In order not to destroy the effect of the nice smell of our scented candles, blowing out is not the right way. You never get the candle completely blown out so it will give off quite a fumes for a few seconds. That’s a waste of your delicious Patchouli scent.

Squeezing the candle? This is also not really convenient, because what are you supposed to wipe your saliva-with-smoking hands on so soon?

Extinguishing candles with the candle duster may seem best. But, even with this method, the candle may continue to smell and give off an unpleasant odor. In addition, nine times out of ten, you will press the doffer into the candle wax and damage the candle.

The cleanest way to extinguish a scented candle is to use a stick or tweezers to quickly drown the wick in the liquid candle wax. Be sure to prop the wick back up so you can easily light it again next time. With this method, no fumes are created and you won’t get your fingers dirty either.

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior
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