Scented candle, the ideal Christmas present

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

A scented candle provides light, warmth, a cozy atmosphere and a wonderful scent to a room. It is an ideal Christmas gift. But also at other times of the year there are numerous good reasons to give such a luxury candle to someone as a gift.

History: candles as gifts with the Romans

It is an incredibly old tradition to give candles as gifts to friends and family. It was done in ancient times, long before Christmas even existed. Among the Romans, it was very popular to give a candle as a gift during Saturnalia.

This was a holiday celebrated annually on Dec. 17 in honor of the god Saturn. Romans gave candles as gifts for both practical and religious reasons. On the one hand, candles provided people with some light and warmth in their homes during the dark December days.

On the other hand, burning a candle was also seen as a sacrifice meant to bring positivity to the god Saturn. It was reasoned, “If Saturn sees that so many Romans are lighting candles as a tribute to him, then he will probably ensure that the coming year will be very fruitful and successful for us again.

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

Spiritual rituals

Over the centuries, the candle has been regarded in many cultures as something that is not only a practical utensil, but also has great symbolic value. Candles are an important part of many spiritual rituals. Famous is the candlestick with the nine candles used in Judaism at the feast of Hanukkah. Everyone is also familiar with the candles burned in Christian churches.

Buddhist temples also often contain many candles. For Buddhists, the candle symbolizes not only light, but also enlightenment. An old saying from Buddhism goes, “Just as a burning candle spreads light, so a wise person spreads enlightening insights to those around him.

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

Why scented candles?

Of course, the original purpose for which the candle was invented was that this thing could give light. However, why were scented candles invented at some point? These probably came about because people wanted to counter a disadvantage of many old types of candles. In fact, in ancient times, all sorts of different fats and oils were used to make candles.

Among them were animal fats. Quite a few types of fat caused a rather foul odor when the candle burned. Therefore, people started experimenting with different compositions of candles to ensure that the smell would be better.

This is how they found that it was possible to make candles that actually smelled incredibly good. With a scented candle you fill a room not only with a beautiful, atmospheric light, but also with a wonderful fragrance.

Why give a scented candle as a gift? Ideal Christmas gift

There are several reasons why you would give someone a scented candle as a gift. Often it has to do with the symbolism that you, the giver, can attach to this gift. Of course, it is best known as an ideal Christmas gift. Such a luxury candle in winter in a stylish way actually does the same thing as a Christmas tree with lights: it gives atmosphere and light in a dark period.

It brings atmosphere and is a symbol of hope

Symbolically, for the same reason, you could give a luxury candle as a gift at any other time of the year to someone who has gone through a difficult time. You could then enclose a card with a personal text. As a closing note, you could write, for example, “Hopefully this gift will bring light, warmth and a beautiful atmosphere back into your life.


There are also a variety of other reasons why you can give a candle to someone as a gift. Often a scented candle is used as a symbolic gift when someone has just moved. It is then given during a “housewarming party,” for example. A stylish candle is of course a nice addition to a new living room. Lighting such a candle immediately creates a beautiful atmosphere and a wonderful smell. Hopefully the candle will help to ensure that the new occupant will soon feel truly at home in that new house.

What fits who?

It can be a lot of fun to pick out a suitable candle for someone. You then really delve into the question: what do I think suits this person well in terms of scent? And what fits the style of her interior?

In a unique gift package

It is also nice to buy a specific scented candle and give it as part of a gift package. You can put together such a package yourself, by buying all kinds of little things that match in style and meaning. You put all these different things together in a basket, wrap wrapping paper around it and give that as a gift. It is then truly an original and unique gift made by you especially for that person.

Gift for yourself

Above, arguments have mostly been mentioned for giving scented candles to others as gifts. However, it is of course also an ideal gift to give to yourself. A scented candle that suits your character and your interior can provide warmth, light, atmosphere and a wonderful scent in your room in a great way.

Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior
Victoria with love | luxury scented candles for any interior

Scented candles and emotions

According to true lovers of scented candles, the scent spread during the burning of the candle can have a huge impact on the atmosphere and emotions in a room. For example, there are scents that have a calming and soothing effect, but also scents that actually provide extra energy. Likewise, there are scents that true candle lovers believe clearly belong to specific seasons. One type of candle they prefer to burn in the winter, while the other in terms of fragrance suits the summer.

The beginning of a successful evening

No matter which candle you choose, lighting it is always a beautiful ritual, as a hopeful beginning to an evening that you will experience together with others. Burning a large candle suits the ambiance of a cozy family evening when you will all play games together, but it also suits, on the contrary, an evening when you will have a romantic dinner at home as a couple.

Decoration: also beautiful when the candle is not burning

Such a beautiful large candle in a glass with an elegant design, is of course much more than a gift that provides light and fragrance when lit. Even when such a candle is not burning, it still has a function: after all, it is then a very beautiful decorative item in your room.

From Victoria with love

If you are looking for good quality scented candles, you should visit “From Victoria with love. This is a Belgian brand. The company was started in 2014. The candles from this brand are the product of craftsmanship: they are handmade by experienced artisans. The ingredients are of high quality, which is very important: it ensures that you have a good fragrance experience, as well as a long burn time. Relatively speaking, such high-quality candles are worth the money much more than cheap alternatives, whose scent experience is often mediocre and the burn time short.

Many choices, always stylish

‘From Victoria with love’ offers a large number of different designs, so you can really choose something that fits the style of the one person you want to give the candle to. Also, thanks to that large selection, you can easily search for something that matches a particular interior in terms of color. Each candle comes in an elegant glass. A candle from this brand is always a stylish gift. The styles in which they offer candles include Marble, Granite, Velvet and Glossy. The candles can be ordered in three sizes: small, medium and extra-large.


The company also thinks well of the environment: they clearly choose nature-friendly ingredients, there are no harmful chemicals in them. Those who want to be sustainable with the candles from “From Victoria with love” can order refill packs from them. When the candle has burned out, you can clean the glass and then very conveniently put the refill of the scented candle back in there, so you can continue to enjoy your beloved candle.

Please note that the refill is not possible with every candle of this brand. It is, however, the case with the Velvet, Hairy and Glossy collections, among others. The candles from the mouth-blown collections are not refillable. This includes candles from the Pierre collection.

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